Phase 2 Email
🎆 What's coming out?
Phase 2
adds local file searching, tagging, and library creation to the desktop app.
Onboarding  Add Files CTA
🎢 What fun things are we getting?
This feature brings desktop functionality closer to the file generation experience of artists.
Searching locally can really be a bear sometimes, and most artists have multiple disk drives with 100’s of GB (or multiple TBs) of data, which explorer and finder can only search so well. We will improve that.
This new update will have a few new things…
  • New section in the sidebar, called
    Desktop Local
  • Manage a project on your local drive just like you can on the cloud: add libraries, tags, and filter searching directly on a local project
  • Upload files to the Cloud from Local
  • Local Tags and Libraries can be created and passed to Cloud on
    Copy to Cloud
  • Watch managed local files so you can make changes in explorer and have them mapped to mudstack
  • Right click menu is now available in the search page
Folder support in the Cloud will be in an upcoming release.
🆕 Improvements
  • Make toolbar icon colors more consistent
  • Style background for account settings
  • Allow tag creation from
    add tags
  • File names are wrapped now
  • Add add tags and library components in Metadata tab in File Preview Page
  • Improve the UI when searching tags
  • Negative view for a filter with no results
  • Update the word
    in all notification text
🧹 Bug Hunting
Libraries & Tags
  • Library image now realizes aspect ratio is a real thing
  • Library thumbnails will actually appear after you upload one
  • Libraries go to ground if you switch to a new workspace
  • Tag creation outside of the tag page gave us the Heisman
  • Turns out enter and return on a Mac are different, and impacted libraries
  • Tags with the name "" shouldn't be made anymore
  • Libraries are now brought into the filter fold
  • Same with file type
  • Delete and download know when to be active
  • Rows and text should be the same thing when you right click on it
  • Switching focus when searching in filters made the desktop app a little confused
Loading Things
  • Reloading should actually reload the page
  • First run of the application shouldn't move like molasses
  • TGA files should now know how to load
  • Preview file just shows an empty black screen, file doesn’t load
  • Notifications aren't as inconvenient on the file details page
  • Desktop app was confused when it saw anything that ended in ".pdf"
  • File details fullscreen now has an escape hatch
  • Files >2GB car broke down on their way to work
  • Logo in the installer was put in a compressor
General App Things
  • Allow only 1 copy of the app to run at a time
Couldn't have done this without the community feedback, and the amazing devs at mudstack. We are now onto syncing and version control!
If you want a breakdown of the new features in more detail...