Bug fix
Reviewer and review assignee scrolling is in to support larger teams.
What's New?
Thanks to a request from one of our customers, we have added shaded wireframe mode to our viewer. It should help with reviewing more dense geo on models compared to our wireframe mode
Also made a small AO fix in the shaded view
Bug Fixes
  • Canvas for 3d files would only fill a portion of the window
In this update users shouldn't see any changes to the app. We are publishing some baseline updates for sync in the background.
🐞 Bug Fix
  • Owners can set another member as owner properly
What can be done with the Slack integration?
Certain events within a workspace mudstack will now generate messages in a slack workspace and channel of your choosing
Events include...
  • Add file
  • Add file version
  • Create Folder
  • Create library
  • Create tag
  • Add Change Request
  • Approval comment
  • Add reviewer
  • Make comment
How do I set it up?
  • Create an app for your slack workspace (go here to get started)
  • Set where the integration sends messages to by selecting a channel. You will need a slack workspace admin for this.
  • Send us the webhook url of the bot (click
    button below
    Webhook URL
    ) you can DM Josef on discord or send an email to
Slack Step 2
What other integrations are y'all doing?
We will look at other requests for integrations after sync is done, so please upvote or create a new requests for 'em over here We'd love to hear how your team works and how we can fit integrations into your workflow!
File status is now live for mudstack!
Screen Shot 2023-05-02 at 4
What is file status?
  • Files now have a progress indicator
  • Show files sorted by status [
    In progress
    In review
    ] in grid/list view.
  • You can also filter by status in any view, just like you can filter by other file metadata like tags, file type etc.
  • Producers can help move files through the flow by quickly updating status
What is next?
We are at the finishing stages of our first integration with slack. If y'all have any other request for integrations, upvote or create a new request over here
We are still chugging along the sync train, and should have some fun things to show towards the end of the month.
What's new?
  • Dashboard now available for your account
  • Figure out what you need to do for the day
  • Get notifications on assets of your subscribed files
What does this enable?
We heard that it was important for artists and art leads to have a clear view into what their outstanding tasks are. While notifications helped in this, the new dashboard gives a combined view to answer these questions.
We will be adding more to the dashboard based on our own roadmap and user feedback.
For artists
See your change requests and notifications in one place
For art leads
See your review requests and notifications in one place.
Bug fixes
  • code files weren't rendering properly
  • accounts can switch owners again
What's next?
For dashboard, we will be asking for some requests on what you want there. We do know a few tings we want to add
  • Tasks (assigned to you)
  • Recent and/or pinned files (so you can keep working on things you recently saved
Feel free to shout your ideas out on the discord #ideas-and-feedback area
Oh, we also have
file status
coming up right after this release
🏎️ What’s new
Annotations allow users to draw or type on anything on your screen when using Mudstack. This includes being able to make annotations in other applications while you're using mudstack.
To begin an annotation, go to a file's file detail page. Then go to the review section and click the pencil tool. The annotation menu will now appear.
Cycle between colors and select the pencil tool to draw and the text tool to type. Actions can also be undone and redone while you're making annotations.
Once an annotation is submitted, it's added as a comment that will be attached to the file.
This annotated file can be downloaded after it has been created.
📝 Known Issues
  1. Eraser tool does not have its own cursor. It will retain whichever annotation tool cursor (either drawing tool or writing tool) that you used last before you selected the eraser tool.
  2. Eraser tool’s current scale is a little small- Currently, the amount of space the eraser tool covers isn’t as big as you’d probably like it to be, and it may take a little longer than is expected to erase any annotations. This will be improved in the future.
  3. When an annotation is created, the file name will default to annotated-review.png. In the future, the name of the annotation will be filename_annotation_#.
  4. Excessive use (aka filling the canvas up with dozens of annotations- either written or typed) could cause the canvas to shift around and text annotations to disappear. It’s hard to replicate this due to the sheer amount of annotations you need to make to incite this bug, but we discovered this during stress testing and figured we’d mention it here.
  5. For Mac users- When attempting to submit your first annotation, your Mac will ask you to give Mudstack permission to observe your screen. Follow the onscreen prompts to do so. Your app will then restart. We recommend taking care of this beforehand so you don’t lose any work by going to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Screen so that you can make annotations right off the bat.
  6. We will add a visual indicator to indicate which screens are being observed. There are currently no visual indicators at this time which may make it hard for those that use multiple monitors.
  7. Annotation tool bar is only draggable when clicking on the mudstack logo. We will improve this so that if you left click and hold on the toolbar (and you’re not selecting anything), then you should be able to drag the annotation menu where you want to.
👉 What's next?
Team is hard at work on sync, but we should have a few other QoL fixes (a dashboard or file status perhaps?) requested by the community
🌚 New things
  • We just released a new update that should perform better when navigating and searching workspaces.
🦟 Bug fixes
  • Delete account should function properly now
Thanks to recent demand from our community, we added some much needed move functionality to the app.
🚄 How does move work?
We have added 2 new ways to move assets in a workspace with
drag and drop
cut and paste
  • Drag and drop
    works exactly how you think it will would simply drag a selection of files and folders either on top of the folder you want to move it to, or in the breadcrumbs in the header.
  • Cut and paste
    can be done with the shortcut keys (ctrl+x & ctrl+v) or the right click menu. you can either select on a folder you want to paste to, or just go to the folder you want to paste the content.
For the first release, larger moves may take a bit of time to do.
Later improvements
Moving files between workspaces is something we will work on later, feel free to add a request for it and get upvotes to push it up in priority for us.
Known Issues
  • >1000 file moves
    cause the app to whitescreen. We are working on a resolution for that. Let us know if you encounter this.
  • Attempting to move the same files while a move is in progress will change the name of the file thinking there is a copy already there.
👶 What's new?
The penultimate big release before 1.0 has arrived! Introducing
Local Versions
Automatically version local files
- whenever you save over a file, mudstack will track and allow you to recall old overwritten saves
Preview old versions within mudstack
- quickly preview old versions within the app to keep your local directory clean
Screenshot 2023-04-04 133425
If you want some more details about what local versions can do, check out the documentation here!
🔃 Update Notes
With great power comes great responsibility. Here are some tips for our existing users migrating to the new version.
For people that have local directories, we have to do some data migration. It is a one time thing and may take some time to do. Let it cook 👩🏽‍🍳
Please make sure you have adequate disk space in the drives that contain local directories; the additional versions will be stored in there.
If you encounter an issue where migration fails send us a discord message or email and our team will help you go through the process. If you so choose, simply deleting the mudstack-client folder in roaming will lose your local data, but will successfully complete migration.
🪲 Known Issues
When migrating local library thumbnails will be lost in transit. Your library name and description as well as its associations are still retained.
#🔮What's next?
  • We have a quick release coming out for moving files and folders within the app
  • Annotations will be right behind it. For even faster markup and screen grabbing
  • Cloud versions and sync is in active development and will signal our 1.0 Launch!
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