Follow up on the latest improvements andΒ updates.


πŸ“° What's New
  • We have a new workspace settings layout!
    Tags are now moved off of the main view into the Account Settings -> Workspaces view
πŸͺ² Bug Fixes
  • Prevent map duplicates when mapping workspaces to an existing folder
  • Responsive sidebar cleanup
  • Fix crash on edit comment
  • Make sure review request history items display proper data
🐣 What's New
  • PSDs and PSBs are now previewable and can generate thumbnails in mudstack!
  • Made push history and search search sidebar more responsive for adjustable right sidebar.
  • New files and versions will generate thumbnails and previews.
πŸ“ PSD/PSB Support Notes
  • Large amounts of PS files imported at once will take some time to generate thumbnails. We are working on making this a multi-process job to help speed it up.
  • For mudstack to generate a thumb, the PSD or PSD must have
    Maximize Compatibility
    checked. This is default on, and prompts you when saving the file.
  • Files with a black alpha channel will show as transparent in the thumbnail and when previewing in app.
πŸ”₯ Known Issues
We are going through some updates to some components to be more responsive with the changing sidebar widths. These fixes will be in the next few builds
πŸ“° What's New
The table view in both the
views now have adjustable widths. The view can now horizontally scroll to support smaller screen sizes.
We have a host of quality of life improvements that should make navigating mudstack easier.
πŸ“° What's New
  • Zoom in and out of the app with
    . Reset to 100% zoom with
    OR View -> Reset App Zoom
  • Adjust the width of sidebars with click and drag
  • When you are logged out, you will now get a modal to either log back in or continue while logged out
πŸͺ± Bug fixes
  • push changes button min width was causing text wrap
  • Check for missing pulls on startup. This should help reduce the forever spinning pulls.
  • mudstack randomly jumped to the front
  • Profile dropdown shows incorrect login state
This is a quick release before .mudignore goes live.
We have updated our File Watching system. This update should resolve most large scale moves, deletes, and rename issues, as well as the windows permission issues some people were encountering.
🦟 Bug Fixes
  • Windows permission issue on renaming or deleting top level folders
  • Renaming or deleting folders with a large count of files in the desktop app
  • Handle a few more download related errors
🍎 What's New
  • When clicking show in explorer on a folder, we will generate that folder in your mapped director
  • clear queues on app exit, should make quitting the app a bit more responsive
  • Some performance improvements to pull queuing when pulling a lot of data.
  • Remove folders after pull
NOTE ON FOLDER REMOVAL - This will be heavy handed on delete actions currently, if you delete all contents from a folder, the folder will be removed as well. We'll have updates in the future to mitigate this.
πŸͺ° Bug Fixes
  • Large hard delete request improvements
  • Reduced timeout occurrences on sync pull
  • Added some more error catching on some edge cases with pulls on existing data
  • Click refresh to remove pending sync commit items that could not self delete
  • Stop creating push records for soft-deleted folders
  • If the workspace was not mapped, you could not remove the folder
  • If the workspace was not mapped, you could not rename a folder
πŸ†• What's new?
Here is round 2 of our disk space saving tools!
Flatten local versions on push
We added a version flatten option in the Changes tab
  • Added a checkbox next to
    Push Changes
    to delete older local versions between the last cloud version and your new version
  • You can choose to trash, or permanently delete those interstitial versions between your changes and the cloud version
  • This will also work on new files, it will delete the older versions before your current version
  • Flatten will only delete the parent versions between, it will not touch branching versions or versions on the same file after your push that are still local.
Local Versions table
  • In settings, there is a new section called
    Local Versions
  • In there, you'll see how much disk usage is being used by local only versions stored by mudstack.
  • For all the files listed, you can individually or multiselect files and quickly delete all non-current local versions on the selected files.
  • Quickly gauge the total size, local version count, and average size of the file
  • Click
    Show only trashed versions
    to also bulk delete any versions currently sitting in version trash
πŸ“° What's new
Right click has a bunch of new features!
  • Subscribe, Favorite, and assign Libraries and Tags on a folder to affect all files below
Diffs are now added to push history so you can see what was changed through history
  • Right click on a file in the push history to go to the file
Bulk Local Version Trash
  • This is the first of a few version cleanup updates. While this method is more manual, we'll implement some more automated features to minimize mudstack's disk usage
  • When clicking on the version tab of a file, you'll see a new button on a child version with local parents to bulk delete local parents
  • You can do this on both cloud and local versions
πŸ”­ What's next?
  • Some more stability improvements are inbound to speed up pulls, especially on 1st load
  • Add a local version table in settings to see all your local versions and data usage + quickly delete non-current local versions.
  • Add a
    Cleanup local versions
    checkbox next to push changes to automatically delete non-current local versions on files with changes you are pushing.
Most of the fixes for this build will be in the background.
🌞 What's new
  • ignore .pyc files
🐜 Bug fixes
  • reduced false push noise after pulls
  • deleting local versions no longer generates unstaged changes
We have a minor update that should speed up and clean up some processes in the Changes page
🐞 Bug Fixes
  • When resolving large number of conflicts, no timeouts experienced
  • Large number of items resolved should resolve w/o errors
  • Finishing Pulls shouldn't timeout
  • Adding many items to a commit takes a long time
  • Migrations stability improvements on launch
  • Discard speed improvements
The logs should provide more information on issues related to stuck pulls and pushes, as well as in progress updates. If you run into an issue when pushing and pulling, send us the log so we can investigate.
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