Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


🌞 What's New# 💀 Bug fixes
We've got a few post 1.0 launch bug fixes based on some initial issues we were noticing.
🆕 Improvements# 🦗 Bug Fixes
After a long dev cycle, mudstack is excited to announce our first release out of beta! This is a massive workflow shift in terms of how you work with mudstack, so please check out the docs if you have any confusion.
At the 10,000 foot view, we have a bidirectional versioning system now vs. 2 separate, unconnected flows. This means workspaces that have a connection to cloud will show your local and cloud versions together, and your work in that workspace has to be "pushed" to the cloud.
🔄️ What is in sync?
The sync feature allows users to map their cloud workspaces to their local machine, make changes locally, and then push those changes back to the cloud for review and sharing.
mudstack v1 streamlines the workflow of artists uploading content for review and distribution, as well as the ability to stay in sync with a project (or any part of it).
For more information check out the sync docs to get started with the new features!
Version Changes
Local and cloud versions are combined together to create a seamless iteration experience.
Our new system allows you to quick swap versions on disk and tracks the cloud version origin of local versions. This should keep your disk much more organized since mudstack will manage all the iterations (mudstack increments whenever you save the file).
Our updated commit system allows for simple ways to get your work up to the cloud when you are done with your work through our quick push options
Workspace Changes
Cloud workspaces can now be mapped to a local directory! This update will now track local and cloud changes on the same workspace in one location.
What is going to happen to my current local directories?
When you update the app from
beta v0.8.98
, all your existing local managed directories will smoothly migrate to your personal account as local workspaces, ensuring easier access and a seamless transition.
Starting now, all local workspaces are required to be associated with a user account. This ensures a secure and personalized experience tailored to your needs.
✨ What's new (outside of sync)?# 🥲 Known Issues# 🔮 What's next?
Rename Folder
Users can now rename folders within the desktop app in both cloud and local. When you rename a folder in the desktop app (in local), it will also be renamed on your local machine.
You can also rename folders within your local machine and if those folders have been added to mudstack local, said changes will be reflected in the desktop app.
Upload Improvements 🆙
When uploading, we have improvements to our ability, speed, and capability to handle larger upload counts. Whenever a specific file fails to upload, you will be alerted in the view.
To retry an upload, click the arrow in the upload component and get a list of all uploaded, in flight, and any errors. In the top right of that page, you can click "Retry Failures" to retry and files that failed to upload.
Rename File
Users can now rename files within the desktop app in both cloud and local. When you rename a file in the desktop app (in local), it will also be renamed on your local machine.
You can also rename files within your local machine and if those files have been added to mudstack local, the changes will be reflected in the desktop app.
Known Issues
# Bug Fixes
🆕 What's new?
Tasks are now live in mudstack! We got a few requests from smaller teams to have some level of task support in our app, and larger teams were looking to integrate their task management apps with mudstack. This is our first step towards supporting the integration needs for larger teams.
✅ What's in tasks?
Dashboard gets a new tab for tasks. You'll be able to see any tasks assigned to you, and change status directly from the dashboard.
Create a task from an asset in the new asset details tab. You'll receive your assigned tasks and all other open tasks related to that asset.
🐛 Bug hunting# 👉 What is up next?We had a few people asking for asset stubs, or blank assets, so you can create tasks on assets that don't exist yet. I've made a feature request here for anyone else that wants to upvote or drop their opinion on it.
Happy tasking!
Bug fix
Reviewer and review assignee scrolling is in to support larger teams.
What's New?
Thanks to a request from one of our customers, we have added shaded wireframe mode to our viewer. It should help with reviewing more dense geo on models compared to our wireframe mode
Also made a small AO fix in the shaded view
Bug Fixes
In this update users shouldn't see any changes to the app. We are publishing some baseline updates for sync in the background.
🐞 Bug Fix
What can be done with the Slack integration?
Certain events within a workspace mudstack will now generate messages in a slack workspace and channel of your choosing
Events include...
# How do I set it up?
What other integrations are y'all doing?
We will look at other requests for integrations after sync is done, so please upvote or create a new requests for 'em over here We'd love to hear how your team works and how we can fit integrations into your workflow!
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