New Navigation - January 9. 2023
Hey All! We've got some fantastic changes to Navigation based on feedback that will also allow us to build better in the future
🧭 New Nav & Header
The Navigation is organized in a new way for easier access to multiple workspaces within an account. Creating new accounts and workspaces are much quicker to create with this update.
The Header now has workspace information in an effort to bring workspace navigation into 1 consolidated location.
🖋 New Settings menu
Our new settings menu should reduce confusion and allow faster switching of different settings menus between your profile, accounts, and workspaces.
🆙 Uploading files improvement
Uploading will now respect the path of the local directory, so uploading an entire directory, or a file from Local, will now include the relative path and create a folder in cloud. This makes it easier to organize uploads into the cloud from a local directory, and sets us up for local and cloud versions syncing in the near future.
TL:DR Example
Uploading from Local Directory
) to the workspace The Grind will send the file to
in the cloud.
🐞 Bug Hunting
Filters dropdown was a little nervous, so it hid behind the column headers
The filter group bar overstayed its welcome when no filters were selected
If you have a lot of workspaces, the list is now scrollable
Sort should be a bit more stable now, certain orders would get Heisman'd
Attachment uploads should be more responsive
Re-inviting removed users should not need a page reload
Mini Update! Viewer fixes - November 29, 2022
❓ What is this update all about?
The file viewer had a few bug after our last launch, so these fixes should resolve some of those issues.
🐞 Bug Smashing
  • Tags are no longer shy when you ask for them in the search page
  • Viewport shading options right-sized
  • OBJ files render properly
  • The search sorting hat understands all the results
Folder are now in the cloud! - November 14, 2022
🎆 What's new?
Cloud workspace now can create folders!
🎢 What fun things are we getting?
  • Just like local folders, you can now create cloud folders and upload files to those cloud folders. This is the start to the versions and syncing features we are bringing to the desktop app next.
  • We have also improved search speed with how we are loading files into the desktop app.
  • The download modal is streamlined a bit more, and downloading folders from the cloud will maintain that folder structure on download.
🧹 Bug Hunting
Libraries & Tags
  • Switching accounts made libraries discombobulated
  • Uploading from a local directory to cloud after switching accounts actually does something
Known Issues & Future Improvements
  • Better and easier management of folders in cloud are on the way, let us know which features you would like the most on Feature Requests
  • Moving cloud folders and files isn't in production yet, so any organization as of now must be done by re-uploading files
  • Drag and drop of files will get an improvement pass, and the mudstack team may ask for your help on which features are the most important in discord!
Mini Update! Download speed improvements - October 12, 2022
❓ What is this update all about?
We were getting some requests on improving download speeds, so we knocked out a few improvements for it!
🔨 Improvements
  • Improved zip generation speed
  • Sunset grouping options on download, this will be replaced with the sync functionality
  • Give more notification when download request is sent
🐞 Bug Smashing
  • Asset attachments now know they truly belong with all the other library files
Phase 2 is online! - October 5, 2022
Phase 2 Email
🎆 What's coming out?
Phase 2
adds local file searching, tagging, and library creation to the desktop app.
Onboarding  Add Files CTA
🎢 What fun things are we getting?
This feature brings desktop functionality closer to the file generation experience of artists.
Searching locally can really be a bear sometimes, and most artists have multiple disk drives with 100’s of GB (or multiple TBs) of data, which explorer and finder can only search so well. We will improve that.
This new update will have a few new things…
  • New section in the sidebar, called
    Desktop Local
  • Manage a project on your local drive just like you can on the cloud: add libraries, tags, and filter searching directly on a local project
  • Upload files to the Cloud from Local
  • Local Tags and Libraries can be created and passed to Cloud on
    Copy to Cloud
  • Watch managed local files so you can make changes in explorer and have them mapped to mudstack
  • Right click menu is now available in the search page
Folder support in the Cloud will be in an upcoming release.
🆕 Improvements
  • Make toolbar icon colors more consistent
  • Style background for account settings
  • Allow tag creation from
    add tags
  • File names are wrapped now
  • Add add tags and library components in Metadata tab in File Preview Page
  • Improve the UI when searching tags
  • Negative view for a filter with no results
  • Update the word
    in all notification text
🧹 Bug Hunting
Libraries & Tags
  • Library image now realizes aspect ratio is a real thing
  • Library thumbnails will actually appear after you upload one
  • Libraries go to ground if you switch to a new workspace
  • Tag creation outside of the tag page gave us the Heisman
  • Turns out enter and return on a Mac are different, and impacted libraries
  • Tags with the name "" shouldn't be made anymore
  • Libraries are now brought into the filter fold
  • Same with file type
  • Delete and download know when to be active
  • Rows and text should be the same thing when you right click on it
  • Switching focus when searching in filters made the desktop app a little confused
Loading Things
  • Reloading should actually reload the page
  • First run of the application shouldn't move like molasses
  • TGA files should now know how to load
  • Preview file just shows an empty black screen, file doesn’t load
  • Notifications aren't as inconvenient on the file details page
  • Desktop app was confused when it saw anything that ended in ".pdf"
  • File details fullscreen now has an escape hatch
  • Files >2GB car broke down on their way to work
  • Logo in the installer was put in a compressor
General App Things
  • Allow only 1 copy of the app to run at a time
Couldn't have done this without the community feedback, and the amazing devs at mudstack. We are now onto syncing and version control!
If you want a breakdown of the new features in more detail...
It's Alive! - April 18th, 2022
⏰ The time has come
Desktop app is finally here (in beta form)! If you are late to the party, here is a quick video on where we want to take the desktop app during this beta period.
🚀 What's launching?
We are launching
Phase 1
of desktop app (check out all of the phases here for more information)
Phase 2, which involves local support, is pushed back into May. We will give a more firm date on those shortly.
📰 So, what's new?
  • You can now install mudstack like an application directly on Windows or Mac
  • Search, sort and filter UX has been updated to support more options in the future
  • Grid and list view for quicker file viewing
  • File details has now been added, single click on a file in the search view to view basic data, like file size, and add tags and/or libraries from this view
  • New tags and libraries ux for easier management
  • Download libraries! Grab libraries of files even faster than before.
  • New sidebar to make way for the local/cloud workflow coming in the upcoming releases
  • plus a bunch of other tiny improvements that will show themselves in subsequent phases
🐰 Bug Squashing
  • Unpinning libraries should not look like the matrix is trying to speak to you
  • Sorting with tags will no longer throw up the 🙅‍♀️ sign
  • Turns out notifications don't need to be shown twice... Or shown twice.
  • Editing tags will not try to reset your color back to blue, it now recognizes the other colors too!
  • Photoshop files show up to the thumbnail generation photo shoot on import
  • Library button doesn't stay behind the curtains when it was supposed to act
  • You know when you see something specific then it pops up
    . Going from libraries to files did that.
  • New tags do not die of stage fright after being created
Known Issues
With all that said, there are still some outstanding items we want you all to be aware of during launch so here is a catch-all list of things we will be continually whittling down as we move closer to full launch
  • Missing Pin to Start and Add to Desktop step
  • Embedded Login via Google is not user friendly.
  • Unable to copy password from password managers
Application Updates
  • On Mac, if the app is up to date, the popup doesn’t have a close window option, you will need to refresh the page or quit out to regain control
  • Cannot read entirety of changelog due to scrolling not taking user to bottom of changelog.
  • Cannot sort by file size, type, status
  • Sorting by date modified- new to old has some files listed out of order
  • Keyboard shortcuts are visible, but not functional yet. Will hide with a minor update shortly after launch.
File interactions
  • Right clicking files (Phase 2)
  • Click and Drag files (later Phase)
  • Wide images in grid view tend to overlap onto other images and icons.
  • File updating count not happening on upload
  • PDFs, WAVs, etc. don’t have icon until page load/refresh, should improve, low priority
  • Recently Used Libraries (later phase)
  • Add to library in the top bar is not clickable
  • On text wrap in library title, buttons do not maintain correct scale and padding
  • Filtering by library if you’re in a library will be hidden
  • Recently Used Tags (later phase)
  • New tags that have been just created do not appear in filters after being created. Must refresh page in order for them to appear in tag filter.
  • After clicking add tags to display tag list, the tag list does not have a scrolling mechanism, causing screen to shift down, creating a bit of a jarring experience. Adding scroll to the tags list will solve this issue.
  • Add to tags in the top bar is not clickable
  • Downloading will always zip up the file, and the name of the zip may look like gibberish
  • Upload progress has some ux challenges, will be improved in a later phase
  • Versions will be refactored in phase 4, they still function now, but are just the simplified version of what they will be
  • Will be removed from the platform, this will be changed into a file relationship system. For any files that do have attachments, they will be added as a regular file to the workspace they were a part of
Asset Detail
  • Cannot set custom frame rate for FPS during animation playback
  • Frame Rate controls not currently functioning, frame multiplier does function
  • Frame counter is not converting time properly from fbx
  • Workspace Setting formatting may be a little off, it is still entirely functional
Lastly, I want to take the time to shout out the community for helping guide us by answering all of our questions, testing (you know who you are out there!), and providing amazing feedback.
It begins! - March 18th, 2022
With desktop development well underway, we are ecstatic to show a look into the first major release. Introducing the reimagined asset viewer!
The new asset viewer is here!
With this new viewer, you get so much more room to view the model, more space to view activity, comments, and versions, plus more advanced viewport controls arriving soon!
If you want to get an early look into the desktop app, and help provide some feedback on the upcoming features, you can sign up here for the beta!
🤐 Quiet Improvements
  • Capturing some new data for an upcoming Audit History feature
🐜 Bug Fixes
  • Thumbnails generation knows what to do with its hands
  • Viewport shading is no longer maliciously compliant
  • Search API no longer double taps, good for zombies, bad for APIs
The Deep Breath Before The Plunge- January 26th, 2022
Greetings! While preparing for our desktop release, we've cleaned up a number of smaller bugs that needed to be squashed, made some visual improvements to optimize your mudstack experience, and have made additional improvements in preparation for other new features coming later in Q1 such as Annotations and our revamped asset viewer.
Bug Fixes
  • We fixed a bug in our model viewer that affected showing our grid and displaying/changing the size of models.
  • We've optimized the way we handle links so that they are desktop app friendly
  • The set current version button on the asset details page was not updating the version correctly when set from the activity section
  • Buttons and form elements have fully defined hover styles when you hover over them
  • We've created new icons for forthcoming features: (spoiler alert) annotations, updates to the media player, and improvements to the asset viewer
Reset the Clock! - January 19th, 2022
Welcome to the new year! With the new year comes a big desktop push, so a majority of our improvements will be getting us prepared for that. If you would like to be part of our test releases and feedback sessions for Desktop, head on over to our discord and send us a message!
🧨 Quirk Killing
  • Authentication updates that help users log in on desktop app are now in the app
  • Minor changes to the login page (it's the same, but different)
  • Sessions should last longer, so you can stay logged in
  • Password-less login is now code entry, rather than a link
  • Emails verification is code based now, too
🐜 Bug Fixes
  • Change request label should have the correct orange color
  • Turns out, PDFs may have more than 1 page! Now our app knows that as well.
  • The flyout menu for Edit Profile has the correct route now
  • Asset count actually knows how to add after someone uploads
  • Create workspace modal isn't shy anymore
  • Set thumbnail's camera batteries were replaced
  • The client had some confusion on what workspace it was in, so it now has a GPS
Mudstack - Month of the Backend - December 16, 2021
Hey everyone! This release is going to be a fairly quiet one, but also an important one. Check below to see what was done under the hood!
👀 Invisible Improvements
  • Some significant work went into improving code push processes and adding typescript into our application. This will give us faster turnaround, readability, and bug hunting as our app starts growing larger in size
🐜 Bug Fixes
  • Personal Account invitation limit messages should look like they were written by humans, and for humans
  • Switching to an account with no assets will now no longer look like you entered the white room in the Matrix
  • If you had multiple accounts, the notification count shouldn't be slow on the draw anymore
  • Uploading attachments now no longer make the entire page flinch and refresh
  • Asset settings should now let you know if you try to run away from unsaved changes
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