🛸 A new start
Better late than never they say! We officially launched mudstack exactly 1 month ago on Sept 15, and we're a little late in publishing this changelog. Going forward, we hope to be sharing more regularly and promptly what we've been up to. This changelog covers everything that was released during our official launch.
💅 New website
We updated our website with clearer messaging around the value proposition of mudstack— digital asset management, version control and collaboration for artists.
We also introduced our first pricing plans— Starter (free), Indie (from $15/user/month) and Enterprise.
🔍 Explore before signing up
We realized that a lot of people were hesitant to give us their email addresses to sign up before getting a better sense of what mudstack had to offer. It was a clear issue with our previous website but we wanted to remove as much friction as possible from the process of evaluating mudstack for a new user, which is pretty much everyone.
Now you can create a playground workspace with 1 click and get a very good sense of what mudstack has to offer. We haven't seen too many other examples of SaaS apps allowing this sort of experience before.
❓Better onboarding
Previously, when you signed in to mudstack, you got..... 🥁 drumroll please.... a terrible, blank experience.
Now, we give you a starter workspace with some assets. Each asset has some activity, so you can quickly get a sense of what information can be got from an asset on mudstack— it's version and change history, the discussions around the asset, the review approvals and change requests.
We also added in tutorial videos and checklists so you can start to feel comfortable in mudstack in minutes.
🛠 Overhauled UI
There was very little in the UI that was left untouched, as we took in feedback about usability issues and fixed tons of bugs— big and small.
🎛 Account management
For users on our paid plans, we now have roles and permissions in place so teams can better manage who should have access to specific content. With new viewer and external contractor roles, it's easy to invite internal and external collaborators and control what content they have access to. We also have the ability to create and manage multiple workspaces (and accounts), so you have full control over how you structure your teams.
It's been a long journey to get here and there's a long way to go! Thanks to everyone who's been with us so far and hope you'll stay and continue to get value out of mudstack!