🆕 What's new?
Here is round 2 of our disk space saving tools!
Flatten local versions on push
We added a version flatten option in the Changes tab
  • Added a checkbox next to
    Push Changes
    to delete older local versions between the last cloud version and your new version
  • You can choose to trash, or permanently delete those interstitial versions between your changes and the cloud version
  • This will also work on new files, it will delete the older versions before your current version
  • Flatten will only delete the parent versions between, it will not touch branching versions or versions on the same file after your push that are still local.
Local Versions table
  • In settings, there is a new section called
    Local Versions
  • In there, you'll see how much disk usage is being used by local only versions stored by mudstack.
  • For all the files listed, you can individually or multiselect files and quickly delete all non-current local versions on the selected files.
  • Quickly gauge the total size, local version count, and average size of the file
  • Click
    Show only trashed versions
    to also bulk delete any versions currently sitting in version trash