📰 What's new
Right click has a bunch of new features!
  • Subscribe, Favorite, and assign Libraries and Tags on a folder to affect all files below
Diffs are now added to push history so you can see what was changed through history
  • Right click on a file in the push history to go to the file
Bulk Local Version Trash
  • This is the first of a few version cleanup updates. While this method is more manual, we'll implement some more automated features to minimize mudstack's disk usage
  • When clicking on the version tab of a file, you'll see a new button on a child version with local parents to bulk delete local parents
  • You can do this on both cloud and local versions
🔭 What's next?
  • Some more stability improvements are inbound to speed up pulls, especially on 1st load
  • Add a local version table in settings to see all your local versions and data usage + quickly delete non-current local versions.
  • Add a
    Cleanup local versions
    checkbox next to push changes to automatically delete non-current local versions on files with changes you are pushing.