We have another update that adds a few UX improvements and a host of bug fixes related to file actions and push/pull stability
🌟 Improvements
Version Tab
  • Moved date to header
  • Moved name to expanded body
  • Made hover state on name edit and changed tooltip language
  • Added warning info for 0mb versions
  • Added commit history to a version
File Info Tab
  • Location data wraps instead of overflow / ellipses
  • Collapsible workspace and detail sidebars are now controlled in the workspace header
  • Workspace Selection moved to header
  • Trash navigation added. Navigating to trash via sidebar should always navigate to root. Clicking trash again will take you back to root.
  • Recent files added. See the latest files edited within the last 14 days.
    Note: search isn't supported in this view yet
  • Right Click Files And Folders, should now properly show options for missing files
  • Pin folders and libraries in the left sidebar
Changes View
  • File Diff tab in Sync added
  • Unstaged / Staged changes include file path
🐞 Bug Fixes
  • Separated API call from transactions on a host of file actions and push/pull actions
  • Extended some timing checks for heavy write actions
  • Downloading and trashing a file no longer has a race condition.
  • Move Background Process startup farther back in the app startup flow. This should speed up startup times.
  • Localstore cleanup
  • Potential page error cleanup on Changes page
  • Sort should function properly in the Push History details
  • Errors should show up now and Completed items should always be visible in the Push History
⚠️ Known issues
  • Large commits (2k+) may take some time to transfer changes between staged and the Push History in progress view. Clicking away may cause the view to reset, but the process is still running in the background.