Today, we are launching a big feature request that should massively simplify the push flow. There are a bunch of improvements below that: remove a step from push version changes, more quickly upload backup versions, and get significantly more visibility on who is making changes in the platform.
🐣 What's New
Push Messaging
  • Pushing
    will require a title with an optional description. Any web changes will be labeled a
    Web Commit
    . This will allow you and your team to see exactly who pushed, and when they pushed
  • Staging
    is now in 2 separate tables, so you can more clearly see what will be pushed up.
  • You can now right click on files in the unstaged or staged area to preview, open, go to the file in mudstack or in explorer, or discard changes.
Push History
  • Pushes will now be in a grouped list on the right sidebar in the changes view. Progress on pushes and pulls will show in this sidebar
  • An individual file's Push History is visible at the bottom of the file info tab
Diff View
  • We added a new diff tab that only shows the changes made to a file
Conflict Resolution Improvements
  • Conflicts can now be bulk resolved
See progress
  • Grouped pushes can be clicked on to see the in-flight, completed, and conflicting changes.
File Versions
  • You will no longer need to commit versions on the version page. The version that exists in your local directory will be the version uploaded on push.
  • Saving any non-current version can be done without pushing by clicking the
    save version to cloud
Other Changes
  • Term updates - Commit, Stage, and Unstage are now closer to git terms, so it should provide less confusion
🪳 Bug Fixes
  • Swapping file names between each other in the same folder will now properly error out. You will see this error in the push history
  • Folders getting moved in cloud wouldn't properly clean up the old named folder
  • Sequence changes will no longer show as push
⛔ Known Issues
  • We are resolving some api timeout issues with very large pushes. Should have a fix very shortly
  • Clicking on an item within an old push message won't show anything... yet
  • In the event you encounter a push that doesn't resolve, let us know in the discord or via email so we can assist you
  • Certain version lines may not display
  • Old pushes won't be visible in the push history. The data is captured, and we will add this shortly after release.
🛣️ What's Next?
  • We have a navigation change that adds folder pinning, and moves the trash into a much more accessible location. It will go to testing right after we launch.