We have a big update in our push to help simplify the current push/pull workflow.
🌞 What's New
  • Fetching will now automatically pull changes, rather than a manual click to pull. If you have any local changes on a file that does get pulled, you will see a
    Fix Issue
    button in the push table (
    Fix Issue
    works exactly the same before this update).
  • Auto-Pull is only "on" for the current workspace you are in.
  • Enable/Disable File Syncing
    is added to the right click menu for files and folders. This replaces the
    sub-menu in right click. The cloud button in the top right of files and folders will now Enable/Disable File Syncing.
  • Enable File Syncing
    on files will download the selected files. On folders, all the files and folders below the selected folder will be downloaded, new files and folders added to that folder will also be downloaded. You will see synced folders as green in the app.
  • Disable File Syncing
    will remove the file from your local drive, but keep it in the cloud. Disabling will not delete local only files and folders; it will only state intent after push.
  • The file watcher can now resolve a missing file as
    Disable File Sync
    . This will remove a synced file from your local storage, but keep it in the cloud. Use this action if you intended to save space by deleting files and folders from the OS explorer.
  • Spinners for loading data in the sidebar.
  • Drag and Drop is back!
    Drag a file directly into a workspace to copy it into the selected location. Dragging folders are not supported yet (unless you want all of its files flattened into the selected folder).
There will be a migration step during the update on existing downloaded files. They will have file syncing enabled on them. Folders are not part of the migration, so if you want those enabled, you must select them.
🦋 Bug Fixes
  • Resolved an issue where a pushed file may not have it's current version set
  • Double pushing queued items shouldn't cause errors, or unnecessary pulls
😭 Known Issues
  • Creating new local folders won't have file synced enabled if they are inside of a previously enabled folder. Files do not have this issue.
  • Disabling sync on either a synced or a folder that is not synced, but has files/folders that are synced will not remove the parent folder from local storage. If you want to remove the folder, you can do this by deleting the folders from your disk via Explorer (Windows) or Finder (Mac). In file watcher, you will get a warning for a broken folder(s), select Disable syncing to resolve.
  • Local files that haven't ever been pushed will not move when a parent folder is moved by another user.
We are heading toward further streamlining the push and version control system so that sending content to a cloud workspace is even faster. Our Discord has a thread in #ideas-and-feedback detailing our improvements.