Thanks to recent demand from our community, we added some much needed move functionality to the app.
🚄 How does move work?
We have added 2 new ways to move assets in a workspace with
drag and drop
cut and paste
  • Drag and drop
    works exactly how you think it will would simply drag a selection of files and folders either on top of the folder you want to move it to, or in the breadcrumbs in the header.
  • Cut and paste
    can be done with the shortcut keys (ctrl+x & ctrl+v) or the right click menu. you can either select on a folder you want to paste to, or just go to the folder you want to paste the content.
For the first release, larger moves may take a bit of time to do.
Later improvements
Moving files between workspaces is something we will work on later, feel free to add a request for it and get upvotes to push it up in priority for us.
Known Issues
  • >1000 file moves
    cause the app to whitescreen. We are working on a resolution for that. Let us know if you encounter this.
  • Attempting to move the same files while a move is in progress will change the name of the file thinking there is a copy already there.