New Release: Mudstack_Early_Access_2.0_Final_Final_Actual_029.fbx
We are super excited to share our new release with everyone!
This release has been a long time coming, and builds on months of feedback.
For this release, we completely overhauled our User Experience and Interfaces. We noticed that there were significant pains when it came to feature discovery, searching, tagging, managing versions and attachments, as well as just generally navigating through the app.
After spending hundreds of hours at the drawing board, we broke through with a completely new design for mudstack. We feel it is a massive improvement, and includes numerous requested features, such as:
Library Favoriting
Asset Favoriting
Filter Faceting
Image Viewer Controls (color channels, image size, filtering)
3D Viewer Controls (view mesh metadata i.e skeleton, normals, wireframe, uvs)
Ability to start and stop 3d animations
Improved Asset Details Navigation
Improved Library Navigation
Code/Script Viewer
and so much more....
We hope this release improves the experience for our users. We are really happy with it so far, and are excited for what's coming down the pipeline next (hint hint: notifications, task management, asset workflows).
Stay tuned for more updates,
Jordan and the mudstack team