⏰ The time has come
Desktop app is finally here (in beta form)! If you are late to the party, here is a quick video on where we want to take the desktop app during this beta period.
🚀 What's launching?
We are launching
Phase 1
of desktop app (check out all of the phases here for more information)
Phase 2, which involves local support, is pushed back into May. We will give a more firm date on those shortly.
📰 So, what's new?
  • You can now install mudstack like an application directly on Windows or Mac
  • Search, sort and filter UX has been updated to support more options in the future
  • Grid and list view for quicker file viewing
  • File details has now been added, single click on a file in the search view to view basic data, like file size, and add tags and/or libraries from this view
  • New tags and libraries ux for easier management
  • Download libraries! Grab libraries of files even faster than before.
  • New sidebar to make way for the local/cloud workflow coming in the upcoming releases
  • plus a bunch of other tiny improvements that will show themselves in subsequent phases
🐰 Bug Squashing
  • Unpinning libraries should not look like the matrix is trying to speak to you
  • Sorting with tags will no longer throw up the 🙅‍♀️ sign
  • Turns out notifications don't need to be shown twice... Or shown twice.
  • Editing tags will not try to reset your color back to blue, it now recognizes the other colors too!
  • Photoshop files show up to the thumbnail generation photo shoot on import
  • Library button doesn't stay behind the curtains when it was supposed to act
  • You know when you see something specific then it pops up
    . Going from libraries to files did that.
  • New tags do not die of stage fright after being created
Known Issues
With all that said, there are still some outstanding items we want you all to be aware of during launch so here is a catch-all list of things we will be continually whittling down as we move closer to full launch
  • Missing Pin to Start and Add to Desktop step
  • Embedded Login via Google is not user friendly.
  • Unable to copy password from password managers
Application Updates
  • On Mac, if the app is up to date, the popup doesn’t have a close window option, you will need to refresh the page or quit out to regain control
  • Cannot read entirety of changelog due to scrolling not taking user to bottom of changelog.
  • Cannot sort by file size, type, status
  • Sorting by date modified- new to old has some files listed out of order
  • Keyboard shortcuts are visible, but not functional yet. Will hide with a minor update shortly after launch.
File interactions
  • Right clicking files (Phase 2)
  • Click and Drag files (later Phase)
  • Wide images in grid view tend to overlap onto other images and icons.
  • File updating count not happening on upload
  • PDFs, WAVs, etc. don’t have icon until page load/refresh, should improve, low priority
  • Recently Used Libraries (later phase)
  • Add to library in the top bar is not clickable
  • On text wrap in library title, buttons do not maintain correct scale and padding
  • Filtering by library if you’re in a library will be hidden
  • Recently Used Tags (later phase)
  • New tags that have been just created do not appear in filters after being created. Must refresh page in order for them to appear in tag filter.
  • After clicking add tags to display tag list, the tag list does not have a scrolling mechanism, causing screen to shift down, creating a bit of a jarring experience. Adding scroll to the tags list will solve this issue.
  • Add to tags in the top bar is not clickable
  • Downloading will always zip up the file, and the name of the zip may look like gibberish
  • Upload progress has some ux challenges, will be improved in a later phase
  • Versions will be refactored in phase 4, they still function now, but are just the simplified version of what they will be
  • Will be removed from the platform, this will be changed into a file relationship system. For any files that do have attachments, they will be added as a regular file to the workspace they were a part of
Asset Detail
  • Cannot set custom frame rate for FPS during animation playback
  • Frame Rate controls not currently functioning, frame multiplier does function
  • Frame counter is not converting time properly from fbx
  • Workspace Setting formatting may be a little off, it is still entirely functional
Lastly, I want to take the time to shout out the community for helping guide us by answering all of our questions, testing (you know who you are out there!), and providing amazing feedback.