🎆 What's new?
Cloud workspace now can create folders!
🎢 What fun things are we getting?
  • Just like local folders, you can now create cloud folders and upload files to those cloud folders. This is the start to the versions and syncing features we are bringing to the desktop app next.
  • We have also improved search speed with how we are loading files into the desktop app.
  • The download modal is streamlined a bit more, and downloading folders from the cloud will maintain that folder structure on download.
🧹 Bug Hunting
Libraries & Tags
  • Switching accounts made libraries discombobulated
  • Uploading from a local directory to cloud after switching accounts actually does something
Known Issues & Future Improvements
  • Better and easier management of folders in cloud are on the way, let us know which features you would like the most on Feature Requests
  • Moving cloud folders and files isn't in production yet, so any organization as of now must be done by re-uploading files
  • Drag and drop of files will get an improvement pass, and the mudstack team may ask for your help on which features are the most important in discord!