What's new?
  • Dashboard now available for your account
  • Figure out what you need to do for the day
  • Get notifications on assets of your subscribed files
What does this enable?
We heard that it was important for artists and art leads to have a clear view into what their outstanding tasks are. While notifications helped in this, the new dashboard gives a combined view to answer these questions.
We will be adding more to the dashboard based on our own roadmap and user feedback.
For artists
See your change requests and notifications in one place
For art leads
See your review requests and notifications in one place.
Bug fixes
  • code files weren't rendering properly
  • accounts can switch owners again
What's next?
For dashboard, we will be asking for some requests on what you want there. We do know a few tings we want to add
  • Tasks (assigned to you)
  • Recent and/or pinned files (so you can keep working on things you recently saved
Feel free to shout your ideas out on the discord #ideas-and-feedback area
Oh, we also have
file status
coming up right after this release