🌅 What's new
For mapped workspaces, you can now control how mudstack stores versions after they are pushed to the cloud. Unchecking the
Store Cloud
Keep Local
buttons will significantly save space in your workspace by not downloading a safety version in the version store.
Store Cloud
affects all downloaded files
Keep Local
affects all pushed local versions
For any current customers, if you would like to clear some space, click the clean up workspace icon in the actions column. This will remove any current versions in the version store that the
Store Cloud
Keep Local
settings would remove.
Most users doing this should see a massive decrease in total disk usage.
NOTE - the page may take a bit to load initially
In the future, we are planning on giving more tools to purge local versions between pushed versions to save more space on disk.
Other new things include
  • Attachments should generate thumbnails properly
  • Clicking on an attachment will preview it
  • Super large file size support on upload. Files over a certain amount are chunked and uploaded now.
  • Loads of tooltips added (we still have a few more to complete), including seeing the full path of a file in file details
  • Thumbnail updates with current version changes
  • Renaming shouldn't include the file extension
  • Restore and remove all in file watcher, no more clicking an endless sea of files
🪰 Bug Squashing
  • Folders with 0 downloaded files show an errant 0 in file details
  • Pen Tablets Should function properly with annotations
  • File name was missing on change and review requests
  • dragged attachments won't appear twice
  • Renaming without changing text value would not allow you to exit
  • Newly created libraries won't show in filters unless refreshed
  • Push and Pull icon animations were animating inverted sometimes, so we swapped it with a flashing animation
  • Progress bar on upload and download should aggregate total properly
  • Pressing delete while typing would show delete file if one was selected
  • Remove some pulls that would just stay in the pull table