Here is the first medium sized update for the year! mudstack now has a new trash & delete system
🌞 What's new
  • Deleting files and folders will now send files to the trash
  • The trash is accessible in the filters area
  • NOTE:
    Folders in the trash area only mark the path to the files, so you will see some parent folders you haven't deleted in there.
  • Restore files from the trash
  • Permanently delete files from the trash
  • NOTE:
    Deletions must be pushed if working on desktop
  • Add files button added to search bar (you can add files while in the list view now)
  • Delete key to trash files
🐜 Bug fixes
  • Trash visibility should resolve any items stuck in uncommitted or the push table. To resolve, please permanently delete your trashed files.
  • Folders will be removed properly when deleted (excluding the known issue)
  • Delete folders in web app properly
  • More push table cleanup for items that may just show ids
🤯 Known Issues
  • Folders with filtered files will not have there folders deleted. This will change in the future.
  • Discarding a deletion or restore may not add the file back to your local working directory. We should have a fix for this next week. Simply trashing then restoring the files in mudstack should resolve this.